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Center of Information Security.

We know the bad guys and their tactics. We are here to decrease your cyber security risks and protect you against data breaches.

Information Security Not at the Expense of Efficiency.

All information cannot be protected, and there is no point in doing so. We believe that adequacy and harmony are the key components in any computer security project.

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Our Possibilities

We have exclusive methods that significantly reduce the potential of a successful hacker attack.

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DLP Systems and Strategy

Data protection isn’t just a software or hardware. It is a holistic strategy that includes employee education, change management, and testing.

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Cyber Attack Incident Investigation

We know the industry inside-out. Our company constantly monitors cyber incidents and scans the black market for new compromising tools. We are able to anticipate and prevent both large and targeted attacks.

Our Software and Integration of Advanced Solutions.

We obsess over individual approach to the needs of our clients. We believe that there are many solutions already on the market. However, we also sell our own exclusive software products and offer web services in underserved areas of the market.