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Software & web development


Information security and data protection, as a basis for quality IT outsourcing.

Support for information technology issues with special attention to security and data protection!
The company “Systems of Artificial Intelligence” offers you IT outsourcing (outstaffing) and maintenance of corporate IT infrastructure in Moscow and St. Petersburg with special attention and providing increased information security. The activity of our company is based on an individual approach to each client, based on industry solutions. This allows us to develop optimal and effective proposals for IT infrastructure maintenance, no matter how small or large our potential customer was. We are committed to building long-term trust relationships with our customers.

IT-service with the company “SAI” is a round-the-clock support, high professionalism and stability of the entire IT infrastructure for your company. We pay special attention to information security and the prevention of data leaks with a general reduction in IT costs for companies that contact us!

Despite the increased level of information security in the provision of IT-outsourcing services, the employees of the company “SAI” do their work based on the goal, and the goal in information technology is to make computers help people, rather than worsen the efficiency of their work. We work to make it easier for employees of client companies to perform their basic duties!

“SAI” provides services for the installation, configuration, software and maintenance of servers for local networks, data centers, as well as for geographically remote solutions.

Highly qualified specialists will perform any kind of tasks, both on systems located in Russia and in other countries. There is an experience of building cluster systems and data centers, as well as the experience of participating in the launch of the data center. The main types of services performed as part of the server system maintenance program are described below. These are the most popular services, but they are far from complete. Specialists of SAI are ready for any problems and difficulties, whatever OS or server solution the customer had, we can answer that we will cope with the assigned duties!