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Software & web development

Software development

“Systems of Artificial Intelligence” Company is offering partnership within the framework of software, mobile applications, and web services development. We have 4 full-stack programmers (C++, Python, Swift, AOSP, PHP), 1 UX/UI designer, 1 animations designer, and 1 video-editing designer within our staff team, whose expertise can be used for a wide range of projects.

Our main specialization is the applications development with the qualitative elaboration of C ++ and Python code. However, our experts also have extensive experience in implementing mobile application projects using Swift and AOSP. Our separate scope of work is the development of landing pages and web resources, both in Python and in PHP. Additionally, we also have experience in development of 3d video games on Unity and CryEngine engines.

We are offering you cooperation in the development of your projects since labor resources are much cheaper in Russia. Thereby, you can increase the marginality of your projects.

All our staff communicates in English and collaboration with your employees should not be a problem.