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Software & web development

Web resources (portfolio)

All-around Internet technologies: from the web resources and mobile applications development to the implementation of a full range of tasks targeted towards developing a full online presence of an organization.Portfolio of web sites developed since 2017.Portfolio of web sites developed before 2017.
Portfolio of our in-house developments.

Developing an Internet site is not a difficult task, but defining its concept, its target audience and creating a truly effective interactive web project is a really challenging undertaking!

Our company develops websites of any budget level for firms in various sectors of the economy, for individuals and government organizations. When creating corporate websites, “image” web resources or online stores, we rely on obtaining maximum efficiency based on the tasks that our clients want to get out of the website.

Center for Internet advertising “SAI” specializes in conducting both large-scale marketing campaigns on the Internet using viral technologies and “creative captures,” and smaller online promotions, helping small businesses find clients!

The reality of prices – the reality of action. When analyzing web projects, or an event that the customer plans to advertise, we look at the strategy not only from the profit point of view but also from the possibility of achieving the desired result, meeting the deadlines and budget point of view. Our company will honestly tell you what end result and timing can be achieved with a certain budget.

Technologies used by us (in the development): Python, C + / C ++, Java, jQuery, Node.js, AJAX, PHP.

Internet PR technologies: SMM, viral advertising, abundant video content, animation many infographics, interaction with bloggers and online media.